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Recreational Attractions in and Around Brown County

Lake Monroe Lake Monroe
Recreational opportunities are never ending in Brown County Indiana. Where else in this part of the country can you find steep, wooded hills, punctuated with ponds and lakes? Here the fall foliage season is a spiritual awakening. Within an hour's drive of the county seat, Nashville, you boat on Indiana's largest lake, hike through limestone canyons and ride horses along forested ridges.

To make outdoor recreation even more accessible, Brown and the surrounding counties have numerous state parks, state forests and campgrounds. Hiking trails abound for 2 foot traffic, 4 foot traffic and 4 wheel traffic. You can rent canoes and powerboats, water ski and fish to your heart's content. For the more adventurous, there are zip lines and even bat caves. Whether you're looking for family fun, a quiet commune with nature or a good old adrenaline rush, Brown County has the outdoor activity for you.

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